Boy who is a patient at Folktandvården and has colorful tattoos on his face.

About us

About the Swedish Public Dental Care

Achieving better dental health is the basis for our work and within Public Health care there is general dental care, specialist dental care and hospital dental care.

Wherever you are in life, we have the opportunity to help you improve your dental and oral health.

Short history

In 1924, the Riksdag made a decision to appoint an inquiry into dental care for the entire people.

In 1938, the Dental Care was introduced, primarily for the children, and then expanded into stages and new professional groups were added, especially dental hygienists in the sixties

In Sweden, there is today a comprehensive public dental organization in each region, a total of 21. Together, we help the majority of all children in the country and almost half of all adults prevent and promote good oral health.

Most people have good dental health

Preventive dental care for children and young people is the most important task for the county councils and regions’ own Folktand care. For over 30 years, Folktand care has provided children and young people with regular and free dental care. Therefore, Swedish children have a very good dental health. Six out of ten 12-year-olds had never had a single hole in their teeth in 2000.
Even most adults in Sweden have good dental health. For example, twice as many people between the ages of 75 and 84 have their own teeth compared to twenty years ago.

Rules and rights

Dental care is regulated by laws and government regulations, among other things by the Dental Care Act (1985: 125).
In addition, the National Board of Health and Welfare standardizes dental care through regulations and general advice.
Dental care is part of health care and therefore most of the laws of health care also apply in the field of dental care.

The Dental Care and Medicines Benefit Agency (TLV) is the authority that decides which treatments should be included in the high-cost protection for dental care. TLV also determines the reference prices for various dental measures.

There are also a number of principally important regulations for dental care, including the The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority.