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About Frisktandvård

What is Frisktandvård?

Frisktandvård (preventative dental care) is an intelligent dental care insurance scheme that offers regular dental care at a fixed price. The concept behind Frisktandvård is to keep your teeth and mouth healthy, or to improve your dental health if necessary.

What your contract includes

Your Frisktandvård contract is tailored to your dental care needs. A personal dental care plan is drawn up, based on a risk assessment made by your dentist or dental hygienist. The plan includes self-care, preventative care and treatment.

A Frisktandvård contract always includes the following services:

  • Check-ups, examinations and tests.
  • Health-promoting services such as oral hygiene instructions and dietary guidelines.
  • Treatment of disease and pain, e.g. caries and gum disease.
  • Dental repair, e.g. fillings and single crowns.
  • Emergency dental care.
  • Frisktandvård does not include the costs of orthodontic work or aesthetic dental care. For dental services not included in the contract, please see the rules regarding Dental Care Allowance.

How Frisktandvård works

After entering into a Frisktandvård contract, you will be given a thorough dental examination. If you are found to need treatment, the necessary treatment will be carried out. You will be charged for the treatment according to the prevailing price list for dental care in your County Council area or region.

Risk assessment and premium prices

After your examination and consequent treatment (if required), a risk assessment will be made to determine your premium class. Your premium class is based on your risk of developing dental and oral disorders, and will determine the price of your Frisktandvård premium. The higher the risk, the higher your premium class. The premium prices are decided politically by your County Council or region. You can pay monthly, annually or for the whole contract period.

Contract period

The term of the contract is three years. After this, the contract can be extended automatically. Your new risk/premium class will depend on your dental health during the previous contract period.

Frisktandvård offers many advantages

Advantages of Frisktandvård:

  • Regular check-ups and preventative dental care.
  • Your own preventative dental care plan including advice on improving your dental and oral health.
  • Full control of your dental care costs, with no unexpected expenses.
  • Emergency dental care at public dental practices throughout Sweden.
  • You take your contract with you if you move house. Your contract is valid at all public dental practices throughout Sweden.
  • An excellent service contract providing security for you and your teeth.